Friday, May 20, 2016

Xara Designer Pro v7.1 Full

Xara Designer Pro v7.1 Full - To date from some graphics software editor, which I have ever tried Xara Designer Pro 7 software is the fastest so it is not wonder, according to the official website, this software is "The world's fastest graphics software". When see the ftures and usability, this software is not much different with Draw and Illustrator that I've shared before.
Ftures :Crtive ToolsRevolutionary Photo HandlingWeb ToolsFtures Description :Photo Handling OverviewPhoto Quality and File SizeIntegrated Photo ToolPhoto Panoramaslit ScalingBitmap TrHTML Website CrtionAnimated Flash ExportTotal Design FreedomClever StuffWeb WidgetsCompatibilityPresentations and WebinarsMagic Photo Erase tool3D ExtrudeDrawing ToolsTransparencyBlend ToolSoft VectorsLive EffectsShadows, Bevels, Contours and much moreScreenshots :

Requirement : XP/ Vista/ 7 32 and 64 bit256 MB of RAM400 MB of available hard spaceDownload Here :
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