Friday, May 20, 2016

Klinker Apps: Talon for Twitter v3.1.7 Final Apk Free Download

Get fully immersed in your Twitter with this butiful, fture PACKED Twitter client with a design that actually makes sense!
Crted with Android 4.4 (KitKat) in mind. Includes full screen (translucent) layouts, stunning animations and more! Of course that doesn’t mn rlier versions of android get left out! The only thing that wasn’t able to be recrted in Android 4.3 and below was the transparent navigation and status bars… Sorry! It just isn’t possible
Butiful, up-to-date layouts, designs, and nt animations isn’t the only thing Talon has going for it though! The list of ftures is enormous as well, doing everything you could ever want from a Twitter app right off the bat. Even though it is new, I have added every single major and minor Twitter fture that I think is absolutely essential plus a ton that most people wouldn’t even think of. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of its ftures:
Twitter ftures:

– Live strming support

– Support for 2 accounts

– View your timelines (main, mentions, direct messages, links, and pictures)

– Favorite users

– Update your profile picture, banner, loion, and user description

– block, follow, and add users to lists

– Attach loions to your tweets

– And the list goes on
Customization ftures:

– Extremely powerful developer theme engine.

– Choose between either “Talon” or “Hangouts” layouts

– Choose from 3 butiful base themes (light, dark, and pitch black)

– Custom text sizes

– Night mode

– Auto-Refresh options

– Custom notifiion settings

– And many other goodies in there as well!
App Ftures:

– “Talon Pull” to be always listening for tweets/interactions

– Expandable, actionable, and dynamic notifiion system

– Full app popup

– Full emoji support

– View in-line Twitter and Instagram pictures

– View in-line YouTube thumbnails

– Native YouTube player

– In-app browser

– Complete landscape and tablet modes

– Advance to new pages in a “windowed” viewing mode

– Never lve your timeline with in-line replies, favorites, and retweets

– Hiding action bar

– “Do not disturb” mode

– Widget for main timeline

– DashClock Extension

– Google style pull to refresh for quick refreshing
You will never go back to your old Twitter client again!
Enjoy Talon and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, requests, or bugs! The best way would be either through email or get involved on the Google+ page.
Here are two different emoji plugins for you to choose from, choose whichever suits you best, install it and never worry about it again!
Permissions Explained:

– Write to Storage: Saves pictures to your SD card and writes them into the cache.

– Rd from Storage: Used when backing up settings.

– Loion: Used for trends and attaching loions to tweets.

– Network Communiion: Obviously have to be able to interact with Twitter

– Network State: Used so the user can toggle background sync to only over WiFi.

– Run at Startup: Re-schedules the background refreshes.

– Keep Awake: Used for background refreshes and waking the screen.

– Vibrate: Used for the notifiions.

– Jacob Klinker: to many things to list! Tons of ids, support, and inspiration

– Aaron Klinker: Icon Design

– JRW: Naming

– Other open-source libraries and resources used can be found under the ‘Get Help’ section in settings.
What’s New

– Added back support for TwitPic

– Fixes for the YouTube player

– Fixed not being able to crte lists

– Force close fixes
More Info in Google Play
Download Klinker Apps: Talon for Twitter v3.1.7 Final APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR

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