Friday, May 20, 2016

Davag My Cars (Fuel logger++) Pro v2.3.0 Apk Free Download

My Cars in an Android appliion to manage cars/vehicles expenses. It manages fuel, services and bill expenses. It includes also reminders with notifiions.
My cars is a complete solution to manage your vehicles

+ fuel logger

+ record any expense

+ maintenance records

+ and much more…
My cars is very sy to use! With a few seconds after every fill-up you will quickly build valuable statistics that will tell you how much cost your vehicle. And you will be very surprised!
If you have data in Excel or in any other app, you can also contact support to help you import it in My Cars.
Main ftures:

* Full fuel management (costs, efficiency, fuel stations, etc..) with advanced options of refuel types (full, partial, …)

* Fully customizable maintenance records

* Fully customizable bills/expenses egories

* Many statistics/charts/reports

* Advanced reminders (like reminder on next maintenance)

* Export/import in csv/xml

* Support of Bi*fuel,Dual*fuel,Electric vehicles
PRO ftures: (requires enabling PRO mode)

* Dropbox support for auto*backup and import/export

* Print any screen with se to Google Cloud Print

* Multiple currency support with exchange rates
How to enable PRO mode?

+ Buy My Cars Pro app

+ Enable adds in Go Pro Menu

+ Use Paypal
Detailed ftures set:

* Refuels can be entered either with trip distance or odometer

* Refuels can be used with either fuel price or refuel cost

* Diverse types of refuels (full/partial,missed,partial with gauge,etc…)

* Support of bi-fuel cars (LPG/CNG)

* Support of dual-fuel cars (flexfuel). 2 options: manual blend gasoline + ethanol (for Brazil) and standard E85, Exx, etc…

* Support of most worlwide units (full UK support for instance)

* Support of a different unit of distance by car. Plse enable this option in advanced parameters. That way you can have one car in miles and a second one in kilometers

* Charts with filter by car and/or date range. sy editing of data in the charts.

* Maintenance records management with reminders

* Bill records (insurance, parking, etc…) with reminders

* Distance statistics: total distance, distance/yr, distance/month, distance/day

* Cost statistics: cost per egory (refuel,bill,services). Cost/distance, cost/yr, cost/month, cost/day, etc…

* Fuel efficiency statistics

* Report with best/worst fuel efficiency. sy to track under which conditions you were good or bad.

* Fuel quantity units: US Gallons, Imperial gallons and liters

* Many fuel efficiency units

* Many currency

* Export/import in CSV/XML format

* Quick refuel widget with the ability to use the picture of your car

* My Cars launcher widget with different icons (car, bike, etc….)

* Automatic/Manual backup of data (through export)
What’s New:

– PRO mode: Sub-egory filter in data tab for bills and services

– New icons and diverse UI improvements

– New themes with bigger font sizes (XL + XXL)

– New refuel setting to manage re-use of last price (or cut last n digits from price)

– Data tab – now with fast scrollbar to quickly scroll through all records

– Improvements and fixes for reminders (displays more info)
More Info in Google Play
NOTE: This is PRO ftures Unlocked
Download Davag My Cars (Fuel logger++) Pro v2.3.0 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR

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