Friday, May 20, 2016

Wake My Android Pro (Donate) by Gejos Enterprise v5.4.8 Apk Free Download

Entering “DEEP SLEEP” mode will cut-off the internet connection, and this appliion is for keep the internet connection always on by keeping the system always in “SLEEP” mode.
You have to understand the different between “sleep” mode and “deep sleep” mode before installing this appliion. Plse rd this description (and note below) before install, rate and review. Thank you.
DISCLAIMER: It is made available for use at your own risk with no warranty of any kind. The default of this appliion is not active and by activate this appliion, mns that you have agreed with the contents of the disclaimer.
If you love this appliion, plse consider the donate version. Plse srch: Gejos Enterprise to find the donate version. Your donation will help to support my work. Thank you very much.
This appliion is FREE and will always be FREE (works fine without donate version installed).
Wake My Android Pro is FREE, 100% ads free. Plse rate and review wisely, and plse rd this description first before rate and review. Thank you.
Wake My Android Pro prevents the system entering “deep sleep” mode and will keep in “sleep” mode. Keep in mind, when the system in “sleep” mode, your mobile data connection will always on (mobile data mns gsm/ma/sellular internet connection not for wifi!).
This appliion will not drain your battery. The battery life will almost same consume with or without this appliion when running (mning in “sleep” mode).
The one and the only WAKE_LOCK appliion keep your “Android alive” in sleep mode. Same standard WAKE_LOCK with different programming method.
This appliion works like you are pressing a power button to wake the device for preventing the device go to deep sleep or out of from the deep sleep. Will always keep in sleep mode by wake the device before entering sleep of dth in invisible way without drain your battery because the device will still in sleep mode.
This appliion widgets will never refresh by interval (except will only refresh when you touch it for changing the mode), mning will not drain the battery.

Do not run this appliion with another wakelock program. Wake My Android will not run correctly if another wakelock program also running.
Wake My Android Pro will wake (invisible wake) the device in periodic time (depends on user setting). If you are lost data signal or your provider temporary cut off the connection, this appliion will not suddenly reconnect the mobile data connection, it will reconnect when the period time to wake rches. If it happens, plse don’t blame to this appliion.
Because Wake My Android Pro wake (invisible wake) the device in periodic time, if your device entering “deep sleep” right away (without entering “sleep” mode) when device turn off screen. don’t install this appliion. It won’t help.
Some twk set the pm.sleep_mode below than 3 (default setting is pm.sleep_mode=3). Setting the value below than 3 will make the appliions suspend when in sleep mode. Also plse don’t blame to this appliion if not work correctly if you are set the pm.sleep_mode below than 3.
Use back button to save and execute new setting (not the home button).
All my apps have “unique” method to unload and reload service. It will automatic kill itself to save RAM and will rctive the service when need it. Don’t worry, this app still active even you cannot find it in the system as running. Wake My Android Pro is the first app I’ve crted using “unique” method. This app is the beginning of all my “unique” method apps that I use.
What’s New:

– Fixing Auto Run on Boot in some devices.

– Low memory usage Rev.2
Previous Changes:

– Better staying in services.

– Build Android 4.4.2 Rev.2

– Adding new Toggle Selector on ongoing notifiion (Steve Buechler request).

– Support new Android 4.4 – API level 19 – KitKat.

– Fixing cannot run on boot on some devices.

– Fixing crash on some devices.

– Fixing core service auto rctive if destroyed.
More Info in Google Play
Download Wake My Android Pro (Donate) by Gejos Enterprise v5.4.8 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR

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