Friday, May 20, 2016

Spirit2: Rl FM Radio 4 AOSP v2014_10_01 Apk Free Download

Spirit2 is a rl, tuned, over-the-air FM radio app for Android. It does not require Internet access.
Spirit2 is the successor to Spirit1 Unlocked and is the “Best Darn FM app”* in existence !
Spirit2 supports only the most popular, recent, higher end devices that have digital audio support in Spirit1 Unlocked. See list below. The Spirit2 UI and underlying architecture are much improved. Spirit1 Unlocked is still more mature/bug-free and has more ftures. Your support will help Spirit2 match and exceed the Spirit1 fture set.
*”Best darn FM app”: Yes, it has some bugs, and may lack some “polish” of stock FM apps, but it’s the most functional and has more settings.
The ONLY FM app supporting ALL this: Equalizer, Effects, Recording, BT A2DP and Visualizer.
Spirit2 also supports multiple “remote” displays and controls: Home and lock-screen widget, lock-screen, notifiion shade, BT AVRCP and future Android remotes. AVRCP puts RDS and station info on the display of compatible BT hdsets, and controls Pause/Play and preset selection. Was pretty cool the first time I saw that working.
Spirit2 “Official Support”*: ONLY these running “Compatible AOSP”** ROMs:

GS3 GT-I9300

GS2 GT-I9100

GS1 GT-I9000

Note2 GT-N7100

Note1 GT-N7000

One (GPE requires BT off)

OneXL LTE, OneS, Evo 4G LTE (2013 CM11 only. 2014 kernels broke FM)

G2 D802 International and Sprint LS980 only. (Some stock, CM11 and Mahdi ROMs only as of March, 2014)

Moto G
*”Official Support” mns I own the phone and I can properly support it.
**”Compatible AOSP” ROMs includes as many AOSP ROMs as I can rsonably support, that have the FM and audio kernel drivers needed to enable FM. CM11 is the most popular and best supported, except for the incompatible 2014 kernels for OneXL LTE, OneS, and Evo 4G LTE. G2 is only supportable on CM11, AOKP and Mahdi ROMs as of April, 2014.
Unofficial Support:

The only other devices with a chance of working fully are those with Qualcomm WCN3660 or newer compatible FM/BT/WiFi chips as well as Qualcomm WDC9310 or newer compatible audio chips. This includes most late 2012+ devices starting with Xperia T. These may or may not work well, and are not officially supported. With sufficient demand I will consider buying a “Z” device and officially supporting some ’s.
Stock ROMs:

Spirit2 also works rsonably well on many stock or stock derived ROMs when rooted. But there are often problems, such as FM over BT issues on stock ROMs. Most of my customers are on AOSP/CM ROMs.
“Upgrades” from Spirit1:

If you’ve been happily using Spirit1 Unlocked for at lst 3-6 months, plse consider Spirit2 a second purchase, for a next eration FM app. Help me give Spirit2 the 3+ yr lifespan that Spirit1 has had so far. My income is still at the lowest end of “tolerable”. Support me and I can support you.
What’s New:

Spker & volume experiment Plse report

44.1K sample rate for all

GT-I9000 volume boost *4

Z2 stock audio improvement
More Info in Google Play
Download Spirit2: Rl FM Radio 4 AOSP v2014_10_01 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR

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