Friday, May 20, 2016

RageFX ROTE Pro v2.0 Apk Free Download

Do you like difficult challenges? Do you like puzzles that requires brain power rather than skills? Then this game is for you !
Rote ( mning “memorization through repetition” ) is a unique puzzle game that will challenge you to a whole new level.
The concept of the game is simple, you have to get to the exit on the right by pushing rows of blocks left and right.

However, the challenges will lve you puzzled for hours.
* Cln and simple design

* 30 challenges that get more and more difficult

* Handcrafted puzzles

* No ads or in-game purchases

* High quality chill music by “& Days”
Tip of the day and everyday :

Some challenges might take you hours to finish and others might feel like they’re impossible to solve, but there is always a trick –so you better just keep trying.
Note : Device ID permission is required in for in-game analytics
What’s New:

* Unlimited resets : No more limits ! Go crazy !

* Resets of shame counter added

* Replaced one achievement by something pretty silly
More Info in Google Play

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