Friday, May 20, 2016

PPV360HD Panorama Photo Viewer 360 HD PRO v1.1.2 Apk Free Download

Professional Panorama photo Viewer 360 HD.
PPV360HD is an Android appliion designed to view *offline* your high-definition panoramic jpeg (Panorama) s with equirectangular (spherical) or cylindrical projection, with full 360-degree pano (or semi-pano ), up to 2.27 gigapixel jpeg (*1).
No more need of Flash and tiles programs, this is the ALL IN ONE solution: like StreetView, make your pano with your favorite stiching software (for example PhotoSphere or hugin) and view your professional high-resolution jpeg panorama on your device (tablet or smartphone) with the powerful integrated full screen 3d viewer.
(*1) Performance and quality/max resolution may vary depend on CPU/GPU speed and available free RAM of your device (use a Task killer to free RAM before start the app).

(*) A DEMO (free) version of PPV360HD is available to evaluate the appliion and check its compatibility with your Android Device. Try it before buying the PRO.

(*) If you have any problem (crash on launch, freeze, ruined s), try rding this troubleshooting guide:

(*) Do you want your Virtual Tour App on Market and Desktop? Contact us!

* Equirectangular (spherical) and cylindrical projection, 360/180 or custom wide angle

* Support Ultra Hi-Res jpeg s (jpeg up to 65000×35000, 2.27 Gigapano)

* Standalone: internet connection required only on the first start, to download graphic resources optimized for your device display resolution.

* Responsive: can pan and zoom very smooth (with its 3d Graphic Engine)

* Fast: use multi-core CPU, if available

* Can view Google Photosphere or other panorama maker app

* Kinetic rotation: use your device like a cam, turn around and be there! Can take advantage of the new sensor fusion technology (if gyro is available)

* sy: make multires tiles and view panorama in one app, with a touch, without use of external tools

* Fast Open: Open s alrdy processed in seconds , even 2.27 gigapixel! (eg: on Galaxy S-II 485 MegaPixel tooks 5 seconds, a 50 MPixel (10000×5000) pano can be opened almost instantly!)

* Fine integration with the Android OS: jpeg s from Browser, URL, File Manager, Email, Dropbox, Gallery, etc..

* xml-based sharing: if the jpeg is alrdy available on internet (for example, using permalink in dropbox), you can share sy with your friend sending a very small file

* View your local files and xmlppv from local storage/internet/Public Gallery/detect all USB/external sdcard connected to the device

* Tagging functionality: insert comments directly on s

* Organize your favorite s in the thumb-based Private Gallery (PRO: up to 100)

* spectacular fullscreen view with a minimal and cln design, optimized for smartphone and tablet

* Animated rl-time parameters controls (horz/vert flip, FOV, start-end V/H angles) to adjust aspect ratio

* Full settings controls to tune performance
What’s New:

* New PPV360HD icon

* Added support for semi-panoramic s (horizontal angle minor of 360)

* eral UI improvements of

* Improved Pick from local storage

– smart sorting if filename contains a

– last used directory

– PPV360HD download dir

* lit open file without re-processing if its alrdy present in public/private gallery

* Improve stability, with many bugfixes, new startup and closing sequence
More Info in Google Play
Download PPV360HD Panorama Photo Viewer 360 HD PRO v1.1.2 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR

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