Friday, May 20, 2016

Need for Speed ​​Shift 1.02

Need for Speed ​​Shift is a racing Game Need for Speed ​​published by Electronic Arts. This game has sold 4 million copies on all platforms combined. Although Need for Speed ​​Shift 2 was relsed in 2011, But On this occasion I will share a 1.02 of Need for Speed ​​Shift requested by visitor.
Here are Several improvements are made to Version 1.02 for All platform :Incrse the maximum of online players from 8 to 12eral game Stability and performance improvementsImproved handling of the carFix for problem where some cars would bounce on their suspensions during high load situationsFix for grass that sometimes appr out of positionFix for intermittent results duel wrong driverFix for upside-down slide operation balanceFix to win online and losses are sometimes calculated correctly for the race driftFixed an issue where the car was loaned to inherit the setting career careers car tuning playersFixed various usability issues with the advanced setup screenFirst lap lap time fixed for the event start rollingFixed a tuning car settings sometimes do not take effectFix to prevent rotating past the initial instant replayRental cars sometimes appr during the show Still all white duel driverFixed wrong screen displayed when the player is disqualifiedFix for occasional opponent visible drift during events onlineFix for intermittent hang when skipping quickly through the post-regattaFix for intermittent hang when pressing X reptedly on the screen My CarFix for missing race groove in the point-to-point tracksPrevented livery car reset to default after the race onlineFix for advanced tuning does not stay open on the anniversaryKeep car get setup invitational event they are damaged and become undrivable (eg Veryon and Carrera GT)Improvements to this Lamborghini has a lower top speed when upgradingFix for the Corvette Z06 and Dodge Viper are not able to move at the start of several eventsImproved AI for several car upgrades lowest point cause some instability over bumpsFix bug upgrade menuFix for force feedback strength settings saving bugFix multiplayer settings for the opponent AI and drift modesFix for wrong vinyls applied to the rr wingFix for hang in the lobby when accessing your friends list from auto selectFix for bug that jumps stores load profile select menu when pressing the Enter Fix to skip parts of the body when the car resets.PC Specifiion :Improved support for ATI graphics cardsIncrsed use of dynamic vertex buffer (optimization of performance on all PCs)Fixed crash on a particular PC configuration when changing the shadow settingsFixed intermittent crash during the first lap of the race on a particular PC configurationDisabled forced to preset damper custom wheels on your PCOptimized multi-GPU PC operatingFix for intermittent missing surface noise on a particular PC configurationFix for intermittent black skyFix for hang LAN menu for a client when the host with a rapid return to main menu.Screenshots :

Download Here :
NFS Shift 1.02

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