Friday, May 20, 2016

Lux Auto Brightness v1.99.9999 Apk Free Download

Lux Auto Brightness is an indie app that helps control your brightness. A lot of people rlly don’t think too much about their screen brightness. It’s not necessarily because people don’t care but because stock Android and OEM skins offer only a modicum of control over screen brightness and thus people don’t think about it that often. Lux changes that entirely.
With this app you have as much control over your brightness as the operating system will allow you to have and that’s way more than the stock auto brightness controls allow. With this app you can set custom brightness profiles depending on the time of day or you can select from a of pre-installed profiles if need be. The app can use the light sensor and cameras on your device to determine the ambient light brightness and then adjust accordingly. So what you end up with is a phone that’s the perfect brightness all the time.
It also includes things like filters to help give your screen a custom look. For instance, Lux has what it calls Astronomer Mode. In this mode, there is a red hue that gets laid over the screen so people can look at their at night without losing their night vision. For anyone who has tried looking at their phone in a dark bedroom in the middle of night, you know just how bright and annoying a phone screen can be. That’s just one example as there are many filters and settings to twk your phone screen.
For those who are purveyors of the rooting arts will find that there are a few additional ftures that require root access. They allow for even more control and customization of your screen’s brightness beyond what the operating system will allow. Of course at that point your mie may vary because you’re dling with the limits of your device’s screen.
During our testing we were able to find no outstanding problems with Lux. There were a few instances where the brightness settings took a moment to set themselves but otherwise it actually worked rlly well. There are some people in the user reviews who had the occasional problem here and there but there was nothing bad enough to single out.

* Stable, custom auto brightness with root plug-in support.

* Use your ambient light sensor or camera(s) to rd in ambient light.

* Subzero brightness for night viewing.

* Select between Auto, Day, Night, Car and Cinema light profiles

* Automatic night mode. Change the colour temperature of your display for comfortable night time viewing.

* Astronomer mode. Adds a red filter to your display to preserve the eyesight of stargazers.

* Power-user settings such as choice of interpolation, filters, and linked sample editing.

* Add app specific exceptions via sleep mode. NOTE: This is in Android 5.0 due to API changes beyond my control.

* Customisable fade for backlight adjustments.

* Tasker and Locale support

* Battery efficient.

* Backup to SD.

* No ads or other nuisances.
Note: Plse disable other brightness apps before using Lux. The author is not liable for any issues caused when using this app.
What’s New:

Interim update 3!

– Fixed overlays not covering transparent system buttons

– Fixed sleep list on Android 5.0

– Fixed crash when plug-ins enabled but none installed

– Updated translations

– Night mode bug fix

– Android 5.0 notifiion theme


– If using plug-ins, plse check that Lux has been granted root access

– CF.lumen integration REQUIRES the PRO version.
More Info in Google Play
Download Lux Auto Brightness v1.99.9999 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR

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