Friday, May 20, 2016

Lucky er by ChelpuS v5.0.2 Apk Free Download

You can use this er to brk some apps’ Android Market Verifiion or other Verifiions.

Although stable, functioning of Lucky er can’t be guaranteed at 100%.

So you are solely responsible of use of this appliion.

Under no circumstances Netbew be responsible for any problems caused to your device (rebooting loop, unstable system, etc…).
The er need root access to work!
Sort Description:

Green – This program has a grt chance to become a registered;

Yellow – For this Program found custom in folder /sdcard/Luckyer/;

Cyan – For this Program found Google Ads;

Mata – This program are in BootList;

Impossible – This program has no chance of becoming a registered. The exception is the appliion of two parts (Appliion and APK-Pro-). In such cases, both sides, either one of them.;

Orange – System Appliion. Be very careful when performing any operations with them, it could end very badly for Appliion or Operating System.;

BootList – a list of programs that will the boot device. At this point, it use only for Appliions requiring the correction of libraries “.so”. But custom do not exist, except for the old Titanium backup, which is no longer in use.;
Star – mns that dalvik-cache appliions has been fixed(ODEX with Changes crted), and this in turn mns that the appliion will remain in its current state until the first update, or delete an appliion. If such ODEX removed with “Remove ODEX with Changes”, then the ppliion will be fully restored to the state before the . When you update an appliion, problems can arise: the market will swr that he had not enough space, run Lucky er and close and try again to install the appliion, if such an error is written to the uninstalled appliion select the settings Luckyer “Troubleshooting->Remove fixes and backups (to update app)” – all fixes dalvik-cache for all programs will be removed;
For Remove Verifiion:

– Use as target only original apk files signed by the developer;

– Tap to Software and select “Remove Verifiion!”;

– Select “Auto mode” and test Appliion with Internet;

– If the result is negative, Select “Extreme Auto mode”;

– If you’re lucky, your program will be registered;

– To return Appliion to its original state, you need to tap “Remove ODEX with Changes”.
For Remove Google Ads:

– Tap to Software and select “Remove Google Ads!”;

– Run and test Appliion with Internet;

– If you’re lucky, Google Ads disappred;

– To return Appliion to its original state, you need to tap “Remove ODEX with Changes”.
For Custom :

– Tap to Software and select “Custom !”;

– Run and test Appliion with Internet;

– If you’re lucky, work;

– To return Appliion to its original state, you need to tap “Remove ODEX with Changes”.
For Change Permissions:

– Be very careful doing this. Since the on some devices, this method can ld to a circular reboot or other undesirable consequences. Make a backup system before you try to disable permission. – Tap to Software and select “Change Permissions”;

– Tap to Permission for disable (red);

– Tap to Permission for enable (green);

– You must tap Apply (Reboot).
For Crte Modified APK:

– Tap to Software and select “Crte Modified APK”;

– Select for Modifiion of APK;

– Modified installation file will be in folder /sdcard/Lucker/Modified/ ;

– You should know that a rebuild apk-file is not the same as the is alrdy installed appliion. Since the as opposed to simply the appliion is very sy to test yourself to changes, and thus work correctly so faly The install will not..
PS: er closes the appliion, when makes . This is necessary so that the new changes rned. But sometimes you may need to restart the device itself or use a third-party tools to kill the process of Appliions.
Mod ftures:
– Has a package name (apart from the original is placed; appliion with a ban on set Lucky er (for example, Jota +) will ignore it; requires removal system appliion “Tips for managing the main screen”);

– Changed the name of the default data folder with Luckyer on Fortunateer;

– Disable automatic update (since it will download the original Lucky er, and not modified).
What’s New:

~ Update custom ;

~ More support for Android L;

~ Fix FC for delete file to file browser;

~ Update translations.
More Info in Google Play
Download Lucky er by ChelpuS v5.0.2 Mod APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR

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