Friday, May 20, 2016

Farst Clover Paint v1.24.01 Apk Free Download

Clover Paint is a fture rich painting app with deep complexity. With Clover Paint, you are bringing a sketchbook with customizable canvas size, highly sophistied brush and layer system, plus custom hot and shortcuts for productivity.
Clover Paint is tailored for touch devices so that you can draw comfortably without worry about touch interfering. Simply disable Touch event in Gallery/Settings → Stylus (devices with digitizer only) to enable pen-only mode for drawing and finger gestures for moving the canvas around.
* Plse try Clover Memo LITE (free) before purchasing Clover Paint. Clover Memo LITE comes with stripped down brush and layer system. Most of fundamental ftures otherwise stay the same.

* We reckon that the initial lrning curve is particularly steep for many users. The following TUTORIAL may get you familiar with Clover Paint
We also recommend a free nice morning/day/night to customize the app to your favorite.

* Theoretically unlimited of layers (as device memory serves)

* Custom canvas size

* .PSD Import and Export

* Basic functions includes crting, cloning, merging and deleting layers

* Advanced functions includes Layer lock, Transparency (Alpha) lock and Clipping, in addition with 11 Blend modes

* Custom shape and texture with Perlin noise support

* of Blend modes with basic parameters for Brush Size, Opacity and Flow

* Jitter effect crtes ster effect for brush strokes and colors. Jitter supports Perlin noise and white noise settings.

* Blur and Smudge

* Tilt support (for Wacom® Cintiq® Hybrid Companion)

* Pressure, speed and time effect. Devices with non-digitized pen can simulate pen pressure to some extend by speed or time effect.

And a lot more…

* Free-hand selection (Lasso tool), Rectangular Marquee tool, Quick selection (Wand tool)

* Add, subtract, replace selected ars

* Cut/Copy selected ar and Paste into a new layer

* Mask support

* Non-uniform and uniform transformation tool with Skew and Perspective tool

* Precise move of transformation with numeric inputs

Boost productivity with Hot and Shortcuts (we term it “Clovers”)

* Hot can be assigned to touch gestures, hardware and boards

* “Clovers” can be crted for almost every tool and your favorite brushes anywhere on the screen
this software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group
What’s New:

2014/11/20 1.24

Implemented Ruler tool

– Supports Android 5.0 Lollipop
2014/01/19 1.21

Implemented Extension for Tablet (EfT)

– Add new UI for the tablet size terminal with digitizer stylus

– Its necessary to purchase (2,000 yen) from the option setting to use it
More Info in Google Play
Download Farst Clover Paint v1.24.01 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR

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