Friday, May 20, 2016

Caynax Alarm Clock PRO v6.17.1 Apk Free Download

Caynax Alarm Clock is a versatile alarm clock and task reminder for Android smart and tablets. The app allows you to quickly crte an alarm with just two taps. Alarms can be configured to run once on the chosen date, on a daily basis, only on selected week days, once every few days, or after a specified amount of time.
To help you wake up when the alarm sounds, the appliion includes two effective methods that make sure you don’t press the dismiss button and go back to sleep. One of the methods requires you to solve a math problem in order to dismiss the alarm, while the other asks you to complete a quotation.
What’s more in PRO version:

– You support small developer to develop this grt app

– Annual/Birthday/Anniversary alarm

– “Any alarm” can be repted “every month”

– No ads (no app crashes, lower battery usage)

– Full alarm profiles support

– Shake to snooze

– Snooze count up to 100

– Cyclic alarm rept up to 90 days

– Dropbox synchronization

– Widgets are resizble (>= Android 3.1).

– Widgets can be placed on lockscreen (>= Android 4.2).
Alarm egories:

– Quick – make a note/alarm with two simple clicks

– Everyday – runs everyday

– Work days – runs on selected work days

– Cyclic – runs every x-th day

– Timer – simple timer (countdown) alarm

– Any – calendar selection

– Annual – birthday, anniversary (PRO only)

– alarm profiles

– standard “Dismiss/snooze button”, math problem or arrange/complete quotation.

– digital and analog clock widget

– tle alarm – incrsing ringtone mode, custom snooze length or count and more…

– designed for tablets and

– RD_PHONE_STATE – to detect incoming phone call and snooze alarm.

– RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – to set alarms after phone start.

– ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, INTERNET – checking for new app version.

– WRITE(RD)_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – backup/restore settings.

– WAKE_LOCK – to wake device and show alert window on time (without this permission alarms won’t work until device screen is turned on)

– DISABLE_GUARD – disable screen lock when alarm starts (works only for standard slide to unlock pattern).

– VIBRATE – vibrate during alarm.
What’s New:

Open alarm clock after update.

6.17.1 PRO

Fix: on some conditions it wasn’t possible to unselect default today date from ‘Any’ alarm calendar.

6.17 PRO

Added notifiions support for Android Wr devices.

Added option to choose timepicker: old or new.

Fixed setting days on calendar in ‘Any’ alarm.

Incrsed rept option for ‘weekly any alarm’ from 12 to 24.

Tablet UI changes.

Updated EULA: added information about added GoogleAnalytics, expiration.

Other small fixes and improvements.
More Info in Google Play
Download Caynax Alarm Clock PRO v6.17.1 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR

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