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Age of Conquest: Europe v1.0.40 Apk Free Download

Take the reins of a budding empire as you struggle against others to rule the world. Will your legacy rest within the pages of history books, or be trampled down into the mud? Conquer all of Europe through a multitude of scenarios–from prehistoric to futuristic–as you vie for supremacy of the region. Age of Conquest is an expansive and intriguing take on the strategy re that is sure to plse wargame fanatics and casual gamers alike.

Age of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game in the tradition of war-themed boardgames such as Risk, where players can choose from a range of different eras and empires to play through, from Ancient Egyptian civilization, all the way to a futuristic zombie apocalypse. Take the throne as the new ruling monarch of your chosen empire as you fight other nations to expand your rch and gain control of the map.
The goal of ch game is to rn points by conquering other nations and ars of the map. Victory may be claimed by either rching 100 points, or eliminating all the other rulers. You will alternately lose the game if your own ruler is defted.
The structure of the game is turn-based, with ch turn fturing actions such as collecting funds and taxes, giving orders to your troops, building defenses, and viewing the progress of your rivals. The amount of gold and move points alloted to execute your orders are limited, so careful planning and strategy must be used to successfully expand your territory.
Ruling Your Empire
Growing your tiny ar of the map into a vast, sprawling empire can be daunting; here are some gameplay elements that will aid you in your task:
* Choose your campaign options carefully. The campaign setup screen ftures a wlth of options that can drastically change the way ch game is played. Experiment with different difficulties, game modes, or other options to find which settings work best for you.

* Ld your army into battle. Age of Conquest allows players the option of having their ruler take a direct hand in invading and conquering your neighbors. Doing so will result in a significant boost to attack and defense scores, but be careful–if your ruler is defted, it’s game over!

* Maintaining a large army can be quite a drain on your resources. Consider raising your taxes to pay your troops and keep them in the fight. There is a ch, however–incrsed taxes will reduce the morale of your population, which can ld to a reduced overall income in the long run.

* Fortify your defenses to stand fast against your enemies. Building watch towers on your borders will allow you to view the size of armies positioned in nrby ars, as well as the presence of any rulers. Build additional fortifiions to add powerful defensive bonuses to your army.

Game Modes
Age of Conquest ftures two different game modes which change the win criteria for the game. In the default, Standard setting of the game, you must win by capturing the majority of all provinces on the map, or by defting all enemy rulers. In World Domination mode, you will not be victorious until you have conquered every last province on the entire map. In both modes, additional territory may be gained through diplomatic mns during gameplay, affecting your final score to varying degrees.
Editorial Reviews
“Age of Conquest…[has] somewhat similar dynamics to Risk. However, it has some ftures not seen in Risk that add to the complexity of the game. A fun military strategy game with a fair amount of depth.” -PC World

“Now for Android users, there is a new game that can fulfill your turn based strategy game needs: Age of Conquest for Android.” -Gameolosophy
* 11 different campaign settings: watch the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, or fight for supremacy among barbaric cavemen tribes

* Helpful in-game tutorial that will tch you the basics of gameplay

* Four difficulty modes to suit players of all skill levels–you can even mix difficulties across your opponents for a more varied game

* Standard and World Domination game modes

* Extensive help documentation available through the in-game help manual
Product Ftures:

Struggle against rival nations for control of Europe in this compelling strategy wargame

Assemble a mighty army to expand your empire’s rch

Play through 11 different campaign settings: Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and others

Adjust difficulty settings and other options to suit your own play style

Lrn the basics of gameplay through a convenient in-game tutorial
What’s New:

Version 1.0.40:

Bugfix for Galaxy 4. Contact me per email if you are having problems with playing music.

Version 1.0.39:

Bugfix for Music player (not silent if unchecked in settings).

Version 1.0.38:

Bugfix for -based Android devices. Should prevent crashes.

Version 1.0.37:

Removed the check/DRM! Given the many problems it causes, it is simply the right choice to just to drop it.
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