Friday, May 20, 2016

SWiSH Max4 Full

SWiSH Max 4 Full is animation or a maker software that have a simple ftures but good enough to use especially for those of you who just jump into the world of animation. For those of you who may like or just need a software Flash animation maker is fairly simple and requires no computer specs are grt, will giving Free Download SWiSH Max 4 Full .
Here are some of the ftures of SWiSH Max4 Full :Multimedia Effects and Components (Over 380 Built-In Multimedia Effects, Drag and Drop Components)Drawing Tools (Advanced Drawing and Editing Tools, Guides Grids and Alignment Tools)User Interface (Simple Yet Powerful, sy Content Management)Import and Export (Advanced Export Control, Import , SWFs, Graphics, Sound, etc.)Scripting (Scripting Made Simple, Powerful Script Editor and Debugger)Screenshots :

Minimum Requirements : 7/ Vista/ XP (32 or 64bits)1 GHz of ProcessorMaybe some other ftures requiredDownload Here :
SWiSH Max4 Full
SWiSH Max4 Full
Billion Uploads:
SWiSH Max4 Full
SWiSH Max4 Full

How to install?:
Rd installation notePass:

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